Your HR dept

Philip Leech had been looking for a local professional graphic designer to create a logo for his new company, Your HR Dept and found a guest blog from our creative director, Mark Coster on the website He was so impressed by it he got in touch to learn more and ask about how we create logo designs for our clients.

The creative process

We guided him through our bespoke logo journey which we’ve refined over several years (and continue to do):

  1. We sent our logo questionnaire to get him thinking about his preferences and vision for the company. This helped us to better understand what would be needed because every logo project is different
  2. After a call with Philip to clarify any questions we had, we produced a bespoke, fixed-price proposal which detailed all the information that he wanted
  3. On acceptance of the proposal, we began our creative process which involves a number of lateral thinking exercises to establish the key aspects of the company
  4. These exercises helped us to then start sketching ideas and transferring the most promising ones to the computer
  5. Once the ideas have been developed fully they were shortlisted and each concept was professionally presented to Philip
  6. A period of amendments followed (all amends are included in our fixed-price proposals) during which the preferred style was developed until it was approved
  7. We then sent Philip a wide range of colour variations and formats including the master vector file – guaranteed to meet any future need – and of course, backed by our 100% Satisfaction guarantee

The company specialises in conflict management and resolution, and the idea that really struck a chord with Philip was the one that showed a line between the ‘H’ and ‘R’. This line could represent two conflicting parties being brought together, or an intervention in order to prevent further conflict. Contrary to popular belief, it’s not important for your logo to ‘say what you do’, but if it can have a ‘story’ or have an aspect that gives a hint such as this then that’s great. What’s key is that the logo ‘works’ whether you realise what it’s about or not.

Philip really loves how versatile his new corporate logo is, and how it’s helping him shape the look of his new venture. As part of the logo project we also created some business cards and social media headers, and we look forward to helping ‘Your HR Dept’ as it grows.

If you’d like to be guided through a bespoke process to get a professional logo for your business, then get in touch or fill out our logo questionnaire so we can discuss your needs with you. And if you liked this case study then sign up to our emails selecting ‘Putting you first: How we help our customers’ from the subject options, and we’ll send the next one straight to your inbox!


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