The Consistency Factor


Mark Coster

Founder of Pixooma

Every day people make decisions about your business based on your reputation and your interactions and communications. To be successful, your brand needs to be consistent in three key areas – visibility, credibility and profitability.


Not only do you need to constantly market yourself (social media, networking and meetings), but you also need to be consistent with your branding and how it’s applied. Your words, language and tone of voice, as well as visual elements such as layout, typography, colour and logo etc need to look and feel similar whether it’s a brochure, exhibition stand, vehicle graphics or your website. Pixooma’s expertise means everything we design looks like it belongs to the same business, so your customers can identify your brand immediately.

Pixooma’s expertise means everything we design looks like it belongs to the same business, so your customers can identify your brand immediately.


For your business to develop and grow, customers must be able to recognise your knowledge and expertise and know what to expect when it comes to service delivery. By demonstrating a consistent approach with every interaction and for every project, customers’ expectations will be easily met as you establish a reputation for quality. Pixooma’s Google Reviews and wide range of client work provide a greater understanding of our capabilities, so our customers have the right information to confidently buy from us.


By being consistent across all your processes and systems, you can improve the customer experience, gain new customers and increase referrals. This will help to generate not only more work from existing customers, but the ability to offer more complex and higher value projects, all of which lead to increased levels of profitability. Pixooma are proud to have a built up a loyal clientele, who trust us to deliver quality design work in a timely manner.

Give your business the best chance

A lack of consistency means customers are left feeling confused and frustrated. And when this happens their levels of engagement will fall, leaving your business in a difficult position. All it takes is a bad reputation for customer service, a noticeable decline in your communication or cutting corners on your marketing material, and all your previous hard work will be undone. Get in touch and let us improve your marketing materials through consistent branding.

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