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Mark Coster

Founder of Pixooma

Every graphic designer has their own unique style, follows trends and finds their own equilibrium in a busy business arena.

Over the last twenty plus years I’ve never professed to being an exponent of wacky, conceptual or downright outlandish design, instead I find myself at home when it comes to corporate work, mainly because that’s my background and area of specialism.

But as well as being creative, I am also skilled at learning and using a wide array of tools. And then there’s research. I spend lots of time studying my client’s products/services, company brand, competitors as well as their marketplace. I am also pragmatic and not at all precious about what I create. If you love it fine, if not I am ready to listen and work with you to design something that makes you excited too.

…I’ve never been an exponent of wacky, conceptual or downright outlandish design…

But there’s more…

But it’s worth remembering that good design is as much about the structure as it is about the look. So, whilst layout is important to help you navigate successfully around a marketing piece, you also need:

Interesting and unique copy without any grammatical or typographic errors

Eye-catching, appealing imagery of the right size and resolution

When you have all three, then that’s design heaven and it can start to work harder to achieve your marketing goals.

Let it flow

Like a river, your design needs to be more than just pretty, it needs to flow logically and be more than a little intuitively with clear markers for your readers to follow, just in case they need a careful prompt along the way. That’s why I make good use of titles, subheadings, bullet points, columns, highlighting paragraphs, pulling statistics into boxes and all whilst including lots of lovely white space to avoid that cluttered look.

Obviously, design is subjective. Things aren’t necessarily right or wrong. And because at Pixooma I always put your interests before my own, I would never advise you to undertake a project that does not deliver tangible benefits or isn’t capable of add significant value to you and your business.

Integration is key

Good design creation should be an integrated part of your marketing not an afterthought. That’s why I spend time with you during our “discovery” session where we find out everything I can about you, your business, your goals and most importantly your audience. Then and only then, am I able to start the creative process to produce something special.

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