On its own, your logo is NOT important

Whaaat?! As someone whose living is based upon crafting carefully designed bespoke logos, surely this is a strange (if not daft) thing for me to say…?

Not if you re-read that sentence again…

The key is the part that says “on its own”. No matter how amazing, beautiful or clever your logo is, on its own it cannot:

  1. bring you new clients
  2. explain your entire range of services
  3. highlight your ethics
  4. save your business’ cash-flow issues.

However, your logo is a key part of your ‘Corporate identity’, i.e the visual elements of your brand that you do control, such as your website, stationery, brochures and advertising. When used correctly, and in conjunction with a consistent tone-of-voice, clear vision, ethics and service levels, these can help build a great brand. So it IS important to get it right.

A bespoke logo created by a professional should stand the test of time, and not be too tied to trends, as this will date it much quicker. However most logos, even of the most recognisable global brands, have evolved over time. Sometimes via small evolutions and tweaks, but sometimes through a complete redesign.

The key is to only update your logo for the right reason(s). I think it’s unwise to change such a key part of your brand on a whim, or because you’ve grown tired of it (you look at it more than most so it can easily happen), or because you fancy a change and it has been a few years since the last one, or you feel it looks boring or old.

Good reasons to update your logo

  1. It has some functional issues, such as you can’t use it over an image without a white background appearing
  2. Your company name has changed
  3. Your business direction/focus has completely changed and it is no longer appropriate

Whether you are thinking about a change or not, I’d really appreciate it if you could complete our Logo Survey (it’s only five questions) and if you have any questions about your logo (or about logos in general) I’d be happy to answer them, simply email me

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