What a difference a day makes…

Ever been stuck trying to solve a seemingly insurmountable problem? Of course you have, we all have, and probably more frequently than we’d like.

When I get stuck I use various ways to get a ‘fresh perspective’, and all of them have one thing in common – time. You need to step back and take time out…

  1. Take a break – It’s amazing how many times an obvious solution presents itself after lunch, or the next day, saving you hours of treading over old ground getting nowhere. I find even a very short break helps to break a creative block
  2. Speak to someone else – They’ll have a different perspective on the issue, especially if they’re in a different industry. My business coach has helped me solve numerous problems over the years, ensuring Pixooma is constantly improving
  3. Research the problem – It’s probably not a unique issue, so take a look online and see how other people have dealt with it. Surround yourself with reference materials relevant to your industry, as well as general self-help books
  4. Lateral thinking – There are many techniques that help you think differently about the issue you’re facing. One that I’ve found very useful was the ‘75 Tools for Creative Thinking‘ pack which I recently purchased along with some other design reference books. They’ve already helped further improve Pixooma’s logo design process, and re-evaluate our target markets.

Plan ahead

All of the above techniques require time though. Proper planning will lead to more time for dealing with unforeseen issues and it’s a method I’ve employed in the 20+ years I’ve been a graphic designer.

For example, by planning ahead I avoided the last-minute GDPR panic. This has meant that Pixooma’s list regularly achieves healthy open/click rates that are far in excess of the industry averages.

If you’re fed up with dealing with graphic designers who leave everything to the last minute, come talk to us. We’re a creative agency that plans ahead to minimise issues and maximise customer service quality. And if enjoyed this blog then sign up for our emails here.

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