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Mark Coster

Founder of Pixooma

Jimmy Cricket, an Irish comedian in the 1980’s, was known for his catchphrase “and there’s more”. I think these simple three words might just apply to Pixooma and our range of services.

I know I’ve said this before, but not all designers are the same. Whether it’s our approach, processes, prices, customer service, or range of services, we all have specific areas in which we excel. However, what always surprises me, is that sometimes our clients don’t realise the other areas where we can help them to add value to their marketing.

Sometimes our clients don’t realise the other areas where we can help them to add value to their marketing.

Out of the ordinary

Usually, clients come to us with a particular project in mind, whether that’s branding, logos, magazines, brochures, exhibitions/displays and/or websites. But if they want something extra, perhaps even a little out of the ordinary, like packaging, infographics, presentations, or vehicle graphics, I want to stress that we can do those as well.

Design is a vast area and whilst many of our clients want us for our usual and expected services, we're always delighted to work on some more unusual projects as well…


We created an infographic for N-Accounting that has formed the basis of a number of other projects, building a consistent and recognisable brand

We designed a number of infographics for Lifeplus, some which were created to match to videos they had created – so that there was a consistent style. Others were designed completely from scratch.


We're currently designing a number of shipping boxes for Lifeplus in their new branding, and we'll be able to share the designs when they are complete

Similarly we have a live project where we are helping The Daylight Fellowship Centre with a rebrand which includes labels for packaging - but as a live project we can't show you anything just yet


We created designs for some sound-deadening baards to be used in Arolite's new offices

In addition, we’ve been involved in some ‘top secret’ stuff where clients needed to have their brand-new company collateral ready to go live as soon as they left their current employer. We’re always happy to be involved in the launch of a new business.

Creative journey

Exciting you might think and you’re not wrong, but what’s easy to forget is that no matter the type of design project, the underlying methodology is similar for every creative journey. Once we’ve been adequately briefed, we need time to create concepts that will wow the client. For this we'll use different software/applications to get the right results. We'll also make sure we communicate regularly, so that we always understand the client’s needs and wants and can deliver in a timely way.

When people ask me what makes a good designer, to me it’s simply a creative and inquisitive mind. Added to this you also need to be good at listening, understanding and communicating, adhere to budget and deadlines, and have high levels of proficiency in using relevant software/applications. And perhaps the most important thing is an understanding of the technicalities and restrictions of the final product such as resolution, print methods, pixel-widths, devices, reading distances, minimum type-sizes etc.

Consistent approach

Happy to say that what we're doing seems to be working. I've had an amazing year to date, the eighth one for Pixooma, but now well over 25 years as a designer. Our clients trust us with their projects, safe in the knowledge that they will get the results they need. They are also very loyal, for which I am incredibly grateful. So, if you are looking for more from your graphic designer, then you know who to call?!

Something different…?

Some examples of our more unusual work

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